Embracing The Imperfect Is Affordable!



I’m at a pretty interesting point in my life in terms of collecting.  My little spot at the antique store is doing well & I’m turning my reasonably priced items over at a rapid pace (free cool trash finds are just win-win!).  I’m really getting into my new role as a ‘trash antique dealer’, for lack of a better name.  The people who run the store are great & the other dealers I’ve met I like a whole lot, but they are definitely more of the ‘real’ antique dealers.  Sure, I go to auctions, estate sales & get occasional house clean-outs to help with, but I shy away from ‘perfect’ (since I’m ultimately going to manage to damage it anyway), and buy (or trashpick the yard sale cast-offs) the low-rent boxes of  ‘whatever’ and embrace the chips, tears, stains, off colors, & mismatched, so that I can then offer them up……for cheap!

All I know, is I’m having a bunch of fun being able to continue picking & collecting the way I always have, and filling up my booth with bargains for other people to find! 

How about you?  How do you feel about collecting whatever it is you collect?  Do you go for perfect or are you ok with an items ‘issues’?


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3 Responses to Embracing The Imperfect Is Affordable!

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  3. Van says:

    I love junking and keep my eye open to everything, but the imperfect intrigues me. Chips, dents, rips, it all adds character. My sexy midcentury modern couch has cat-scratch damage, but no one has EVER noticed it. The couch is incredibly comfortable and beautiful, AND it cost $1,800 less than the midcentury modern knock-off couch I was considering out of desperation.

    I love imperfection and your antique booth! It’s about time for me to rent out a space of my own at a local antique shop!

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