Why I Love Mosaics (Or How I Accidentally Break Things).

Here are a few pictures of china I recently found at a flea market. The first picture shows what the plates looked like before I owned them for all of five minutes. Really. Dropped the bag & broke three plates & the handle off the tea pitcher minutes after I walked away from the vendor.

I’m not what one would describe as graceful. I spill things on me, tend to tear shirts by getting caught on things, and always have a bruise or cut from where I walked into a door handle or too close to a corner on something. My boyfriend gave me the nickname ‘Crash’, within a few weeks of us being together (it’s been a few years now…). As a result of my natural tendency to spill, tear, or break, I shy away from collecting breakables or wearing anything white. I’m not clumsy, I just get distracted mentally & have never really cared if I tore something or spilled something on myself so it’s not like I take great pains to avoid it (it makes sense in my head). With my booth at the antique store, at a yard sale, flea market, or auction, I’ll now buy things I normally wouldn’t to sell. But, the pictures above are a reminder that I really, really, need to steer clear of breakables.

How about you? Are there certain things you inadvertently damage so you avoid collecting them?


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