Why I Trash Pick Bowls

If you’ve read any other part of this blog, you know I trashpick. I also have a dog & a few cats. While many would argue that a few stainless steel pet bowls would make a whole lot of sense, I don’t use them. Mainly because when I find a bowl, I’m not sure if I’ll end up using it as a people or pet bowl & I don’t like to eat out of plastic or stainless steel, thus, I tend to not acquire them. Anyway, as a result of my stainless steel reluctance, I trashpick bowls or score them for next to nothing at flea markets or yard sales when I find a larger one I really like. As a result of not using the virtually unbreakable stainless steel pet bowls, I tend to have plenty of material to make mosaics with (or at least amass the variety of colors & patterns to make mosaics with). The cool Mikasa white/blue bowl lasted about three years before a cat fight & falling chair broke it. The flea market trashpicked blue stoneware one held up for about a year before it broke. Ok, that one may have been my fault – I’m a ‘breaker’ (boyfriend has nicknamed me ‘crash’), which is why I stay away from collecting breakable stuff. I’m not clumsy, just a bit rough on things at times…

How about you? What do you trashpick that you use for your pets?


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