Bad Yard Sale Signs

All summer long, my boyfriend and I enjoyed pointing out to each other the terrible signs other folks put up to advertise their yard sale. For me, a terrible yard sale sign is one that is illegible, confusing, or can’t easily guide me to the yard sale. We actually developed a goal to photograph them, but it’s hard to take time out in a collecting frenzy just to try to illustrate a point. We did, however, manage to get a pic of one that, well, look & see for yourself:

Perhaps you noticed the three arrows pointing in different directions. I’d like to point out that the arrow pointing to the right & the one pointing straight ahead would not have lead you to the yard sale. It was the arrow pointing to the left! I’m a lefty & went on instinct & somehow divined where to go…the houses & neighborhoods are close together & I know the area well where the yard sale was, otherwise, we would have passed. I also considered the potential prankster factor, and after some minor sleuthing at the yard sale, did in fact verify the sign had not been altered.

It seems basic enough, but it amazes me how many people that have yard sales hit a brain freeze & muck up their signage. I’m not one for presentation, and I feel signs to direct people to your yard sale should be simple, yet, so many people just get it wrong. What makes a good sign to me? For starters, one that clearly points you in the correct direction…

How about you? Have you come across any bad yard sale signs lately?

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