Collecting, Keeping & Mounting Insects

The horsefly I found today reminded me to post my toad picture. The toad was hanging out under a planter pot in a wooden planter carrier I wanted to sell in the yard sale (and did) we had awhile back. He finally made his way somewhere into the massive lily-of-the-valley spread I have in the front of the house.

While I’ve always been fascinated with bugs, critters, & nature, it never occurred to me to actually keep any of the ‘naturally’ deceased ones to mount, until I found a 95% intact Luna moth over a year ago. Unfortunately, the furthest I got was putting what I’ve found – Luna moth, dragonfly, horse fly, some-beetle-who’s-name-escapes me, and a cicada – was getting them into airtight containers that are on a shelf…

So, seriously, what’s the best, easiest way for a trash-finding procrastinator to mount these? Actually, I’m looking to ‘preserve’ them more than anything….still a mount?

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