Establishing A Trash Picking Limit


While I am aware trash picking dazzles & mesmerizes me, I really try to keep a lid on coming across as too much of a fanatical ‘join us’ ambassador. Yes, the topic comes up daily with me & virtually anyone I have a conversation with, but when something is very much a part of your life, I think that’s natural. However, even I know when to curb finding. I do have some very thoughtful-to-the-picking-lifestyle enablers in my life who like to offer hints, piles they passed, etc, but there are times it’s akin to offering liquor to someone in recovery……..for instance;

………My boss comes into work today after an early morning jog in a summer resort town close to work & says, “You need to be there for finds. Have you gone there? There’s tons of stuff everywhere!” & then offers to LET ME GO PICKING for a bit…..(have I mentioned all the various finds I’ve added at work that would have otherwise have been purchased? Personally, I think I’m an asset…even if I do give a spectacularly stellar mediocre interest toward my job). I declined! Why? Because I know ME, and I know I would never have returned to work, and would have easily made three+ trips home to dump stuff I found. I still have stuff from a few weeks ago on the front porch (ok, no rarity, but these are actual keepers!) & a few antique book cases waiting for a placement somewhere other than just carefully placed in the living room, out of the TV line-of-sight.

How about you? Are you able to identify when it’s time to hold off picking for a bit?

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