When I was considering writing a blog about trashpicking, a few people asked me if I’d be concerned about ‘encouraging’ competition picking.  Oh my.  To imagine, that I would go out to pick, and simply not find trash…(I guess I’m even referring to actual, smelly, gross, icky trash too!).  Wow.  Unlike most ‘collectors’ (in another aspect of what I like to collect, we just don’t like to give up our ‘sources’),  I absolutely love talking finds, giving & getting tips, suggestions, where to go, etc.   Sure, it sucks when I see another picker coming out of one of my route streets before I’ve gotten there, BUT, I’d much prefer that than my nemesis – the trash truck.  That’s exactly how I feel when I see the truck, picking up on streets I may not have made it to yet…  I don’t blame the workers – it’s a job that needs to be done.   Fortunately, I know the general pick-up times on my routes, so if the trash truck beats me, it’s my own fault.

Often, while I’m picking, I’ll be on the phone with my boyfriend – which is incredibly handy.   His forte is not mine – he know’s tools, machinary, building materials, outdoor gear, etc.   It’s very easy – in one trip – to get to a point in my truck that I have to re-evaluate what I’ve picked up because I’ve made an even better find and have packed it full.   Since he helps me eliminate items that I probably would have picked up thinking he could use it (and being wrong), it’s very useful talking to him while picking.   Additionally, if it hasn’t been a good picking day (yes, it does happen), when I just start picking up ‘parts’ willy-nilly, he’ll at least let me know what he could use to incorporate into his shop.   Building & making things is how he relaxes after a long day of building & making things (I prefer sleep).   I also think I tend to appear less crazy if I’m talking to someone on the phone, but in retrospect………

Until next time, Happy picking!

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