Your Yard Sale Sucks. Mine Rocks!

While I don’t hit yard sales with the zeal I used to, my boyfriend still really likes them (he doesn’t get to trash pick nearly as often as I do), so we’ll try a few on the weekends when we can. We went by one today that was so dismal, with so few items, we didn’t even bother to stop. Which reminded me I meant to write about the not-a-lot-of-stuff yard sales. Is there nothing more disappointing than a yard sale with a handful of items (actually, a torrent of rain on a trash picking day after a neighborhood/community yard sale is pretty disappointing)?

So far this year, my boyfriend & I have only been to maybe, two really good, large yard sales. When I mean good, I don’t necessarily mean because of great finds that we score, but the volume & variety in a yard sale just makes it fun to check out. From an effort perspective, I don’t understand why someone would advertise, put signs up, price items, take up a good portion of their day, and then have a yard sale with items that can barely fill a table! I could see this if someone is participating as part of a community or neighborhood yard sale, or if you live in a city, where you get a lot of foot traffic anyway. When you live in a suburban area where people have to make somewhat of an effort to get to where you are, the decent thing is to have stuff for them to look at. At least in my opinion…

While I have yet to have any real photographic evidence since I always forget to take photos, the yard sales we host ROCK! With the volume of collecting & finding we do, having a few yard sales a year came about as more of a survival skill to continue collecting (the space in the antique store is a great outlet too!). Our yard sales are large, prices are dirt cheap (easy to do when you get most of it passed along or from the trash!), and we have a great mixture of new & various levels of used. We’ve only had four yard sales, but I lost count at the last one of how many people told us about the great deals they’ve gotten at our sales, and that they look forward to when we have them.

Any thoughts? How do you feel when you approach a yard sale with few items? Do you stop & look or continue on down the road?

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