Pros & Cons of a Crowded Booth

I’m not one for presentation [note at the date of this posting, still have generic banner for site], or for what I call, the bells & whistles. It’s not that I don’t have an eye for it, or understand the benefits of how something is presented, It’s just never been something I’ve wanted to put much effort into. While I’m creative & in my mind, I’ll have a few ideas of what could be done to make something have more of a ‘wow’ factor, I often get distracted by a pile of trash, a good zombie movie, a squirrel running in the yard, or a snake almost making a meal out of a large toad (TRUE! a few weeks ago, interrupted a snake that had a circle hold on a toad! The snake, toad & I were looking at each other in a state of shock…). When consulted by a friend or coworker, I’m more than happy to offer suggestions or ideas, which are more often than not, successfully put to use.

My boyfriend and I were discussing the ‘presentation’ of our space at the antique store, and he wanted to make sure to address the pros & cons of a crowded booth. We limited it to two each.


*Enough stuff that no matter who comes in, they’re going to find something that they like.

*Booth is very eye-catching & colorful.


*Can’t remember what sold, or what was added to booth & is now missing.

*Booth is an assault on the eyes & customers may be overwhelmed & unable to make a decision on what to purchase.

For someone who doesn’t make many purchases, I think an awful lot about buying & shopping. I know there are some very simple things I can do to make our space more appealing, but, I guess I’ve always been the sort of collector or shopper that can cut through the glamour or dirt to find an item that for whatever reason, speaks to me. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to take more photos of the space as a whole (in addition to individual items), as it helps me see it from a different perspective.

How about you? How do you feel about presentation? What kind of environment do you like to shop in?

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