Trash Picking As A Competitive Sport

We had an AMAZING day trash picking the flea market yesterday – (more individual item pics will be up soon, but for now, a few views of the truck)! I had to unload my blue wire bag lady cart about five times – which, in the midst & high of a good trash picking day gets me a little fidgety because I know in the ten minutes it takes to get to the car & unload, I’m missing out on other picking opportunities. I’d say ‘panicky’, but the things I missed out on, well, how can I really miss it if I never had it in the first place?

The rational, kind-of-sane part of me knows there will always be finds to be had, but the super-crazy-having-a-trash-picking-BLAST part of me gets a little jumpy. As much as I love seeing other people pick & even conversing with a few, I do sometimes feel a little….competitive. I’ll admit, I was walking back from unloading and saw another picker with a cart going by what looked like a REALLY good pile & even though I was a good football field away, I was willing him away from it with the power of my mind (actually, in my mind a bunch of ninjas came at him from all sides & got him to move on rather quickly – without hurting him of course).

When we first arrived, I was wheeling my cart around with one hand, trying to hold coffee with the other, & my boyfriend states, “I should outfit that with a cup/beverage holder”. I’m laughing of course, because, duh – I’ve thought of that countless times, but, it’s readily followed with thoughts of what else can be fastened to the cart – pliers? spray bottle? screwdriver? walkie-talkies? safety glasses? If I were cruising city streets or neighborhoods on foot, I could see it – but when the car is in view, I’m thinking outfitting my trash picking cart is a bit overboard….there just has to be a stopping point. I do wear sturdy work gloves, & have a bottle of water, granola bar, & a tiny screwdriver in my possibles bag. Oh, the strategy involved with trash picking a large flea market….

How about you? What tools do you keep with you (or in your cart!) when picking?

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