Blue Squirrel Cement Figure – Lifelike!

While my AWESOME blue cement squirrel wasn’t a trash or yard sale find, my guess is it came from close to it – judging by how much I paid for it at an antique store. The paint is solid as it was outside in the elements & has really held up!

Lately, my zeal for collecting has been on again, off again. Actually, I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm for paying for finds – no matter how cool or inexpensive, when I know I can always trash pick! That, and I’m finally getting a workspace back together so I can make/paint/glue/hammer/sew all the cool bits into something that, if I saw it at a yard sale or flea market, I’d totally want to buy it. When I’m not trash picking it, I have, like most collectors, a few things I gravitate toward – like animal figures made of cement/wood that don’t exactly have the color of the actual animal.

What are some things you like to collect? Do you collect things that are of a particular color, material, or specific object?

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2 Responses to Blue Squirrel Cement Figure – Lifelike!

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  2. jenna says:

    With trash, you sort of have to take what you can get, but with Goodwill and thrift store shopping, I have a general list, though I look at and may buy anything. Right now I’m into vintage cotton tablecloths, the casual one’s from the 5o’s, usually w/ floral prints, old ceramic planters, old paintings or prints, especially nautical in nature, milkglass, and any type of religious collectibles or antiques, especially old slightly chippy chalkware statues, cermamic busts or planters of the Virgin Mary, and old religious prints in their original frames.
    And at this point I would kill for one of those free standing clear glass testtube-like bud vases. I have one that I gave to my mom, I guess most people break them way before they ever put them in the give away box…

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