Spending Time Outside Of Our Comfort Zone

This past weekend, my boyfriend & I mingled with a good friend & his friends at a ‘pre-concert’ gathering (two things I’m really not into – large crowds & tailgating….). While we had an ok time, all I could think about was the sheer volume of disposable waste. This ‘tail-gaiting’ event is one where people really get into decorating their parking spot areas (is that something that happens regardless of the event?), and I can’t get into that for two reasons:

Onedecorating & the proliferation of items intended to throw out is not what I consider a good use of money or resources.

Two that’s an awful lot of energy & effort used to sit around and drink. .

Fortunately, I had whiskey & beer to placate me (I have to add though, bringing empty beer bottles home with you to recycle, no matter WHERE they are in the car, could provide a very uncomfortable situation if one were to get pulled over).

Our friends friend’s (ok grammar police – issue your citation….) are nice people, but our day to day lives are very different. I realize my choice for my day to day life is very different from a lot of my neighbors & coworkers in my suburban area, but as much as they probably can’t fathom trash picking, dumpster diving, or bartering, I can’t comprehend going to a store to buy some mass-produced item not Made in the USA (liquor store/Irish whiskey excluded). While it’s rare that we leave our comfort zone of making, building, reusing, watching movies & getting our Zombie combat gear together, I guess I should be thankful for opportunities to see ‘how the other half’ lives.

How about you? Where is your comfort level when it comes to spending your leisure time with people who’s lifestyle is very different from your own?

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One Response to Spending Time Outside Of Our Comfort Zone

  1. jenna says:

    I don’t do it. I find excuses, stay home ( and really, the people who know me don’t even need the excuses anymore.) Truth is, I have spent way too many pointless evenings wishing I was home with my dogs instead of with the people I am with. This could be why I don’t have many friends, people sort of give up on you after a while. It sounds bad, and most people wonder about me, but I am happy this way. Maybe some day I will regret it, but I don’t think so. I can always find company when I want it, but I enjoy my own the most.

    PS = and now a word from The Grammar Police == I believe the correct way to put the above would be:
    “my friend’s friends”
    The first friend would get the apostrophe because it shows ownership of the second friend. Hmm…friend, friend…sounds strange and looks strange after you type it a few times…and why is it not spelled ” F-R-E-N-D”??? Hmmm….see? I have waaaay too much useless time on my hands.

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