Superstitious Trash Picking & Collecting

Like many other ‘sports’ (uh, way of life..), trash picking or general collecting is not immune to some individuals having, I guess I’ll say ‘superstitions’. For instance, baseball players who are convinced if they change their socks, they won’t play well, or poker players who have a lucky hat. While they are more actions or thoughts, I have my own superstitious quirks when it comes to trash picking & collecting in general, and though I don’t necessarily truly believe them, there have been way too many a ‘coincidence’ for me to ignore them. The following really waves my crazy flag high:

If I don’t have my seat belt on, I won’t find anything. In neighborhoods where houses are close together, I’m often stopping within just a few houses – kind of a pain to buckle up for a 15ft. drive at 10 miles an hour – BUT, if I don’t – said item I’ve stopped for will be useless to me as a find, or not a find at all (recycling days always throw me off)!

If I plan more time in advance, I won’t find anything. Sure, I’ll give myself an extra half hour before work, but if I try to get an hour or so in, I don’t find much. Or if I try to plan the night before, it’ll rain. Exceptions to this include the week or two after Christmas & the week after a big neighborhood yard sale.

When I talk (or write about) about a particularly good neighborhood or route, I’ll find nothing remarkable for a few weeks.

If I’ve had a disappointing haul & decide to pack it in, if the thought suddenly pops into my head to try a street I normally don’t, I have to as there is always an unexpected, great find. I can’t even have thought about it before that instant…it has to be an inner ‘Hey! We Should try that street…’

If I want it NOW – if I personally have something I need/want and am a little impatient, I won’t find it for weeks…maybe even months…

If I have anything of size in the car when driving by an unexpected pile, there will always be a find…

Regarding Yard Sales/Flea Markets

If I have less than $5 on me, there will always be an AMAZING yard sale where all my finds at a reasonable price total more. Thankfully, there’s usually an ATM within driving distance…

If I’m walking or come upon an unexpected flea market, if I don’t have a bag or cart, I’ll come across a boatload of stuff.

If I don’t have coffee with me, the finds are less than stellar before 10am. Coffee in hand yields awesome finds at awesome deals! Really. I can’t even put it down to rummage or look. I can put it down to closely inspect something, pay, or load stuff into the car.

So, what are your superstitions or quirks when it comes to trash picking, dumpster diving, or collecting? Leave a comment & tell us your story!

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